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Bidhive Academy will help you get set up for success on how to plan, manage and develop winnings bids from the world’s best in the business. 

If you or your team are involved in winning business through the formal bidding process then Bidhive Academy is the better way to build capability and confidence to succeed professionally and commercially.

We’re growing our community of practice into a worldwide tribe to connect enterprises, SMEs, minority businesses, consultants and trainers.

Now individuals and organisations of any skill level can learn and develop competencies in tools and methods to win more business, together. Come and join us!

For learners

Bidhive Academy gives you central access to a growing library of expert-led training and education resources on bidding best practice and digital transformation trends from around the world.

  • Explore topics and join communities relevant to your role, industry / sector, interests or location
  • Find the right instructor for you
  • Learn at your own pace.
For trainers

Bidhive Academy provides practitioners, presenters and trainers with all the tools they need to build, manage and engage their community.

We’re here to help you facilitate value creation within your community so that you can engage your network, drive professional collaboration, stay up-to-date and share best practices.

  • Post a webinar, video and build your own online courses
  • Organise events, drive discussions and build dedicated groups around specific topics or industries based on interests or location
  • Share opportunities for jobs, projects or partnerships, or crowdsource ideas.

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