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Welcome to Bidhive Academy! 

Choose your training course on how to write and manage winning bids with tools that bring future thinking and digital transformation into your organisation or team.

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Welcome to Bidhive Academy


Technologies are reshaping the future of the workplace, workforce and work processes, including how we approach bidding to increase sales and revenue growth.

Get future fit to gain your competitive advantage with step-by-step learning and sector-relevant digital bid best practices that will make a lasting impact on your professional and commercial success.

Bidhive is a place to share with others


Stay abreast of the latest trends and technology advancements being used to facilitate the management of bid complexity.

Develop your own competencies in tools and methods across the bid lifecycle to reduce risks, and improve performance and success rates.


The Bidhive Academy is a great place to meet and link up with like-minded peers.

You don’t need to be a student to hang out here. We are open to all. You just need a love of bidding and tendering. A love of winning work. A love of working smarter.


Share your knowledge with others in the forums. Answer questions posed by other members. Why not start a discussion of your own, something that you’re passionate about?!

Better yet, package up that knowledge and offer it on the site – for free or a fee – the choice is yours. But don’t let that knowledge go to waste.

Peer-to-peer learning is the new way of learning. So leverage the power of Bidhive Academy and be rewarded for sharing, helping and teaching.

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