How to Build a Content Library






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Gain control of your centralised enterprise content.

  • Self-paced
  • 6+ hours (and growing)

Large organisations with multiple teams actively working on bids face the challenge of consistent messaging and efficient content management.

In this course we get you started on structuring and creating your winning Content Library to help streamline and fast-track your submission process. We provide you with an extensive list of sections and guidelines to help you link evaluation criteria to questions and model answers.

Lessons are best suited for individuals who are new to the bid function and want to develop their core skills and/or professionals who want to refresh their skills or gain a new perspective to bid writing and management.

  • Recommendations on how to structure your content library taxonomy
  • Guidelines to help you link evaluation criteria to questions and model answers
  • Frameworks on what to information to include¬†in your content sections

Downloadable templates, tagging suggestions, case examples and infographic ideas, and more!



Nyree is the CEO & Co-Founder of bid management software platform Bidhive. With more than 25 years of experience as a Bid Manager and Consultant, Nyree brings deep experience in solutions, strategy and content development; and in leading CEOs, Executives, BDMs, Partners and Boards through high risk, high value bids and change programs in complex environments. As well as being a career mentor to young professionals and women in business, she has presented and published numerous papers and articles in the field of bid management, procurement and entrepreneurship. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.


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