Introduction to Professional Services Bidding


If you’re ready to take your professional services firm to the next level to secure contract revenue through the tender process, the Professional services bidding 101 course is for you!

While many professional services firms are familiar with RFPs: Request for Proposals to win new work, “bidding” for work through the open tender process can sometimes feel like you’re navigating a labyrinth.

The tender process is more complex than simply submitting a sales proposal but once you build a repeatable process, you can also gain repeatable wins.

Understanding the tender process and the strategy behind devising a winning tender response is one of the major stumbling blocks for professional services firms.  Although the people who put them together frequently focus on their credentials, they often neglect the opportunity to use the knowledge they have about their business, the market, the industry and their client or prospect as a point of difference. This can result in a less-than-compelling tender response that has little or no differentiation from the competition.

In this course we take you through each step of the tender process, and explore some of the best practices in tendering to help you propel your response from being average to great, including strategies you can put in place to do it time and again.

This course is best for business owners, or sales and business development professionals wanting to learn how to compete for work in the open tender process.





Getting ‘tender ready’  You’ve got this!

In uncertain times, learning how to respond to a tender, and where to find the opportunities, is often the biggest leap that a company will make in its business development strategy.

But – if you learn how to do it well, it can make all the difference between surviving, and thriving.

This Course has been carefully designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and information to understand how the tender process works, and identify the best ways of putting together a strong tender response (the ‘bid’). It’s been based on many years of working on the job with teams across different professional services fields, and I’ve broken it down as a step by step guide to give you the fundamentals to get you started.

We’re going to cover 3 main topics:

Lesson 1              Understanding the tender process

Lesson 2:             Devising bid strategy

Lesson 3:             Preparing the bid response

Each lesson provides insights and tips on how and where to gather information, and provides suggested approaches with a toolkit to help you get started.