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Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Environment

When responding to tenders, many companies view Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a compliance-gap-filling measure. In our experience, this is a mistake that can make you appear complacent and will lower your evaluation score. Customers want genuine evidence that you are committed to leading by example to prove your authenticity. By the end of this course, you will be able to clearly demonstrate that your company’s actions are meaningful so that your response gets maximum to increase your chances of winning the bid.

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Bidhive bid content library course on Bidhive Academy
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How to Build a Bid Content Library

In this course we get you started on setting up and creating your winning bid content library to help centralise content; and streamline and fast-track your submission process. We provide you with an extensive list of sections and guidelines to help you link evaluation criteria to evaluation questions and model answers. Lessons are best suited for bid managers, coordinators, operational staff and subject matter experts who contribute written content; individuals who are new to the bid function and want to develop their core skills and/or experienced staff who want to refresh their skills or gain a new perspective to bid writing and management.

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